Newborn Info

Congratulations on your new addition to the family!

A newborn baby is so beautiful and a true blessing! I am always humbled when people choose me to capture such a special moment in their life. If you have decided to invest in custom newborn photography, I highly suggest booking your session early with your approximate due date as spots are limited. Once baby arrives we can set a firm date together.

blush_photograph_meridian_baby4All inclusive newborn packages start at $550 (see more details here) and occur between 6-14 days when your sweet baby is most sleepy and before baby acne occurs. I do require a $200 non-refundable deposit (which goes towards your total fee) to secure your session and the current pricing.

For a better understanding of a newborn session and everything that goes into them (including why they are priced more highly than other sessions) Please read my blog post here. Newborn photography is a very expensive niche and the props/backdrops/outfits/wraps, etc are very expensive along with the professional camera and equipment I use.

All newborn sessions are held at my in home studio in Meridian, Idaho (see studio here). I cannot travel to your home for these sessions because there are too many lighting variables and my props and equipment cannot be easily transported.

You do NOT need to bring any of your own props! I have an extensive selection of newborn props, outfits, hats, headbands, wraps, etc for your use during the session. If you have something you would really like to incorporate, please ask me ahead of time and I will let you know if it is possible.

Newborn sessions typically last 2-4 hours which allows extra time for soothing, feeding, etc. Some babies sleep through the entire thing and I am able to pose them quickly and easily. Some babies have a harder time and it can take quite a bit longer to get them sleepy and still for the session.

Before Arriving

Before your session it is REALLY important to keep your baby awake for a couple hours before the session. I will be moving your sweet baby around and posing him/her quite a bit. So even if it seems that he/she usually sleeps all day, they may not do so when being posed or moved a lot.

A couple suggestions for keeping your baby awake which can prove challenging are:

  1. Give baby a sponge bath, talking to baby a lot, playing with his/her feet, rotating his/her legs like they are riding a bike, etc.
  2. Also dress baby lightly in a sleeper so we don’t have to disturb him/her too much when we get baby out of the car seat and ready for pictures.
  3. Also please avoid socks because they tend to leave marks on the ankles.

Additional Info

blush_photograph_meridian_baby6I do include a few family and/or sibling photos. I usually do these towards the beginning of the session so that they can be done quickly. I recommend wearing neutral and timeless colors with no big patterns or logos. Also I encourage you to bring someone who can take the siblings home after they are finished because the sessions can be long and they get bored!

There are times that siblings particularly between ages 1-3 may be resistant to sibling portraits but I always try my best because I know how important those shots are.

Your babies safety is my #1 priority! I use composite images when necessary (using two different images and photo-shopping them together to make 1 image), along with using parents or an assistant as a spotter when necessary. I have also studied with an accredited newborn photographer to ensure even more knowledge and safety during our session.

If you have any pinterest ideas you love please feel free to send them over. I can use them as inspiration to create something you love…BUT every photographer has a different style and every baby has a different personality so we will work with your baby to find natural poses that they are happy in. I also suggest making a pinterest board using my work from my galleries and blog…then you are guaranteed to get the look and props you love.

Ultimately I hope you are hiring me because you love my style and trust my ability to make your portrait session amazing!